Closing the water cycle
in Mediterranean tourist facilities

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pdf.png Sustainability Assessment: demEAUmed Solution HOT
Created: 2018-05-23
Size: 1.13 MB


Sustainability Assessment of an integrated innovative wastewater and greywater system for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in Mediterranean tourist facilities: demEAUmed solution


pdf.png demEAUmed Newsletter #3 HOT
Created: 2017-11-09
Size: 726.94 KB


  • Editorial
  • Successful final conference of demEAUmed project!
  • News from demEAUmed project:
  1. demEAUmed: successful application of eight innovative technologies
  2. demEAUmed policy brief: water reuse legislations in the Mediterranean tourist facilities and possible recommendations
  3. Sustainability assessment of demEAUmed solution
  4. Bringing Innovation to market: Spin-off to commercialize VertECO, UVOX and Radtke Biotechnik technologies
  • Contact us


pdf.png demEAUmed booklet HOT
Created: 2017-09-20
Version: vF
Size: 741.66 KB

 demEAUmed booklet contents:

  • demEAUmed partners
  • What is demEAUmed?
  • demEAUmed policy brief: Water reuse legislations in the Mediterranean tourist
  • Samba Hotel - Demonstration Site
  • demEAUmed Solutions
  • demEAUmed Technologies
pdf.png 90-Poster_demEAUmed_UVOX HOT
Created: 2017-09-13
Size: 988.12 KB

demEAUmed poster: UVOX technology (final conference)


pdf.png Poster_Monitoring Tool_ADASA HOT
Created: 2017-06-08
Size: 1.09 MB

demEAUmed poster: MONITORING AND CONTROL TOOL (final conference)

pdf.png Poster_Plimmer_IDROPAN HOT
Created: 2017-06-08
Size: 958.91 KB

demEAUmed poster: PLIMMER technology (final conference)

pdf.png Poster_VertECO_ALCHEMIA HOT
Created: 2017-06-08
Size: 1.65 MB

demEAUmed poster: vertECO: CONSTRUCTED VERTICAL ECOSYSTEM technology (final conference)

pdf.png Poster_MBR_ICRA HOT
Created: 2017-06-08
Size: 1.89 MB

demEAUmed poster: SMART AIR MBR technology (final conference)

pdf.png Poster_ECEF_LEITAT HOT
Created: 2017-06-08
Size: 835.24 KB

demEAUmed poster: ELECTROCOAGULATION-ELECTROFLOTATION (ECEF) technology (final conference)

pdf.png Poster_SPEF_LEITAT HOT
Created: 2017-06-08
Size: 1.28 MB

demEAUmed poster: ELECTROCOAGULATION-ELECTROFLOTATION (ECEF) technology (final conference)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 619116.